14' Yurt

  • yurt5smalla
  • 14′ Diameter
  • 55 Sq. Foot Area
  • Wall Height 4’9
  • Comfortably sleeps 5 plus gear

18' Yurt

  • yurt5smallbpopular
  • 18′ Diameter
  • 82 Sq. Foot Space
  • Wall Height 5’1
  • Comfortably Sleeps 6 Plus Gear

22' Yurt

  • yurt5biggest
  • 22′ Diameter
  • 124 Sq. Foot Space
  • Wall height 5’7
  • Comfortably Sleeps 8 Plus Gear

The Most Practical Living Space Available!

Rapid Erections

Rapid Erections

Set Up Your Yurt In Under 30 Minutes!

That Sure Beats Waiting 6 Months For A Planning Approval



Stay dry and comfortable in all extremes.

Waterproof cover and thick wool insulation.



Used by Mongolian nomads, shared for generations.



Wood lattice walls and lockable door.

Keep your possessions safe.

Avoid Bureaucracy

Avoid Bureaucracy

Not considered a ‘permanent habitation’ in most jurisdictions.

Avoid the time and cost of permits and approvals.



The most affordable living space you can find.

And we’re the cheapest because we go straight to the manufacturer.

Straight From The Land of The Blue Sky

Our Yurts were built to last. Because we buy them straight from Mongolia. You won't find better value anywhere!

At Yurts For Sale we sell our yurts simple.  As they were meant to be.
No expensive add-ons or $30K timber kitchens here.  Just yurts that work -guaranteed!


  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Completely Closable Roof

  • Beautiful Painted Roof & Door

  • Thick Wool Felt Insulation

  • Authentic Mongolian Designs

  • Padlock Latch On Door

  • Sturdy Timber Lattice Walls

  • 100% Waterproof Layer

  • Quality Guarantee

  • Various Size Options

  • Simple & Affordable

  • Live Like Ghenghis Khan

Easy Setup: Done In 30 Minutes!

Our Bad Boys are almost as quick as a tent to set up!  Check out this video as Bek shows how 3 people can set up a semi-permanent space in under 30 minutes.

Simple, traditional designs mean your Yurts For Sale yurt can be quickly set up for anything from a year-round dwelling to a luxurious weekend Glamping trip!

Join Thousands of Westerners Now Enjoying

 The Yurt Lifestyle